A new chapter: Monte Isola

Lake Iseo, whose water symbolises the source of life, conceptually unites Bergamo and Brescia, the two 2023 Italian Capitals of Culture and hosts of the Light is Life Festival. In July 2023, Monte Isola will once again be the protagonist of the international contemporary art scene. The Third Paradise of Energy inspired by Michelangelo Pistoletto will be introduced by Angelo Bonello‘s ballerinas.

Solidarity and care for the environment

The Festival supports the Energy Bank Foundation (Fondazione Banco dell Energia), which has been fighting energy poverty in Italy for years.

You can contribute by donating at the tourist info point of Monte Isola-Peschiera Maraglio. You will receive a celebrative giveaway or the exclusive catalogue of the Brescia and Bergamo Light is Life Festival (Festa delle Luci A2A). Companies can also contribute toward the Festival as Charity Partners of the Energy Bank Foundation.

All the funds raised will support projects aimed at households in need in the areas of Bergamo and Brescia.

The Light is Life catalogue is published by Electand and can also be purchased online. More info here.

The Third Energy Paradise at Monte Isola is made of reused materials alluding to the concept of infinite rebirth. The reused materials have strong connections with the territory and the Brescia and Bergamo Festival of Lights: fishing nets, construction materials, sports items produced in Monte Isola, and LED lights discarded by the Light is Life art-works. In addition, the Festival is also an opportunity to disseminate tips and indications on how to reduce domestic energy consumption.

July 8 21:00, Opening Ceremony at the lakefront

The opening will be an extraordinary opportunity to enter a magical atmosphere. Master Michelangelo Pistoletto, internationally renowned artist, will symbolically open the Festa delle Luci A2A. The Festival’s light art-works will come to life, blending harmoniously with the lake landscape and creating an unmissable unique, magical experience.

July 9 (11.00 am), the Rowing Race of the Third Paradise

On the morning of July 9, at 11.00 am, the boats in the lake will recreate the shape of the art-work, highlighting the link between the lake, its communities and the world, reinforcing with this participatory gesture the connection with the Third Paradise of Energy.

The Youth Third Paradise

The partnership between Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation, the Energy Bank and A2A has led to a large-scale awareness-raising project with local schools, focusing on energy poverty and responsible energy consumption. The Youth Third Paradise project will be exhibited at the lake waterfront throughout the summer. The art-work is madeof 140 magnetic tiles with drawings made by children interpreting the art-work. Children and young people are all invited to participate. Children and young people are all invited to participate.

The two 2023 Italian Capitals of Culture

For the first time, there is not just one Italian Capital of Culture but two capitals working together.
The project intends to create a vision of the future to bequeath to the local communities, which is a new start for Bergamo and Brescia in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic
“The enlightened city” is the inspiring theme of the initiatives that will animate the two cities throughout the year.
The city is illuminated because it is open to the creative brilliance of know-how, tolerant of differences and aware of the wealth they bring. The city is also a beacon that acts as a reference point for the territory, and is lively, effervescent and animated.
Bergamo and Brescia are beginning to build a new future full of opportunities.

A2A Life Company: about us

A2A deals with energy, water and the environment, with a circular use of natural resources. It operates with great attention to communities and customers throughout the country, through services that are part of everyday life and that can make a concrete contribution to the sustainable future of new generations.

It promotes the vision of a cleaner world, respectful of the environment, territories and people.

It has chosen to place ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives at the heart of its 2030 strategic plan, based on the energy transition and circular economy.

Tips for responsible energy consumption

Small gestures to avoid waste and help the planet