Ballerina Sequence


from 8 to 23 july

From sunday to thursday 21:00 – 24:00

Friday and saturday 21:00 – 1:00

The art-work pays tribute to the dreams of little girls worldwide who wish to reach infinity through dance and art. Using light as a compositional instrument, Sequence Ballerina endlessly repeats a ballet’s figurative sequence in synchro with the soundtrack. The perfect synchronicity with the music recalls the elegance and suppleness of classical dance, and its cyclical repetition takes us back to the concept of infinity, the desire for infinite love, infinite light, and infinite life. Against this dreamlike backdrop, the Light Dancer keeps dancing along the shores of the lake. Her steps and pirouettes create an infinite sequence, but she seems unaware of the breathtaking landscape affectionately embracing her.

Località Le Ere – Peschiera Maraglio (BS)