Big Ballerina

Castello di Brescia – Brescia

10-19 February

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18.00 to 24.00
Friday, Saturday, Wednesday 15 S. Faustino from 18:00 to 01:00

The ballet dancer is understood as an icon of beauty and exterior elegance, but also an emblem of the harsh discipline required to approach an ideal of perfection which comes at the cost of sacrifice.
The aesthetic completeness of the sculpture is constantly challenged by the dynamic light and sound that breaks the image of harmony and balance and creates an emotional disturbance in a parallel that stimulates a reflection between ethics and aesthetics. A questioning of the values on which we want to base tomorrow’s society.

By purchasing the Skip the Line ticket, you will be able to access Brescia Castle with a preferential channel.

The funds raised will be donated to Fondazione Banco dell’energia, which supports families in difficulty due to energy poverty.

Castello di Brescia

Via del Castello, 9, 25121 Brescia BS



Colin Stetson