Frame Perspective

S. Francesco – Chiostro Maggiore (Chiostro delle Arche)

17-26 February

Monday/Sunday from 18:00 to 24:00

An audio-visual installation that investigates the evolution of infinite possible universes and continues Ratsi’s questioning of reality through the creation of exploratory spaces. The work’s repeated forms create new dimensions by interrupting the continuity of the cloister’s architectural lines. While the composition of light and sound intervenes in the sound and visual texture of the space and resonates with the visitor on unexplored frequencies.
The effect is to immerse the audience in a fluctuating environment, linking digital technologies with physical spaces, and questioning them about how reality is constructed and experienced in digital, physical and other realms.

Convento di San Francesco

Piazza Mercato del fieno 6/a


Sound Design

Thomas Vaquié