Castello di Brescia – Brescia

10-19 February

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18.00 to 24.00
Friday, Saturday, Wednesday 15 S. Faustino from 18:00 to 01:00

Horama is intended as a homage to the scenic and natural landscape of Brescia, the mountains, hills and lakes, elements that will be highlighted by the materials and especially the colours of the lighting. The name choice is not random, Horama is in fact a view of an area, a pleasant sight, an immersive aesthetic experience linked to the landscape and its beauty. Horama is intended to have a strong impact. It is made up of seven triangles of different heights as a reminder of the different heights of the territory, with the smallest being 2 metres and the largest 3 metres, positioned alternately and arranged in a circular fashion around a round base. What is special about the triangular elements are the parts made of perforated sheet metal inserted to create a special lighting effect. These elements have been designed entirely in painted metal because of the effect the material is able to recreate when subjected to lighting and because of the solidity it gives to each individual element. To create a relationship between man and the installation and implicitly recall the relationship between man and nature, the public is given the opportunity to see and experience the installation more closely. The radial platform, inscribed within a 6-metre circle, offers a central passageway located between two ‘access’ triangles, allowing entry into the work. The platform has been designed with a mirrored covering, to recall water bodies, rivers and lakes, but above all to emphasise the work and create an atmosphere of total fusion with nature. Lighting will be a key factor in Horama; the centrepiece of the installation is a central spot of animated RGB lights, with a dynamic intensity in accordance with the changing colouring of the lights – Horama turns yellow, green and blue, colours chosen because they are natural and can be associated with the natural landscapes of Brescia. To provide additional atmosphere, LED strips were used along the triangle profiles, around the entire platform and inside the triangles themselves to recreate a diffused light effect and create a play of light on the reflective base. Horama is all this: it is nature, life, earth and water, but above all it is light. It is an installation that, through geometric shapes, cites a portion of the landscape typical of the Brescia area.

By purchasing the Skip the Line ticket, you will be able to access Brescia Castle with a preferential channel.

The funds raised will be donated to Fondazione Banco dell’energia, which supports families in difficulty due to energy poverty.

Castello di Brescia

Via del Castello, 9, 25121 Brescia BS


Con il contributo di Nocivelli a.b.p. e LABA