Storie di Luce

Castello di Brescia – Brescia

10-19 February

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 18.00 to 24.00
Friday, Saturday, Wednesday 15 S. Faustino from 18:00 to 01:00

An art project by Angelo Bonello involving, through an artistic call, the students of the city’s two Art Academies. The students were given the task of interpreting the concept by declining the specific history of the Brescia area in visual-light works. The theme entrusted to the students’ artistic interpretation is ‘RISORGIMENTO: a shared history’ (‘Risorgimento: una storia comune’).
The Risorgimento is to be understood not only as a very specific historical period, which saw Brescia and Bergamo as key players in the path towards independence and national unity, but also as a metaphor for the rebirth of the territories of the two cities in the post-pandemic era.

By purchasing the Skip the Line ticket, you will be able to access Brescia Castle with a preferential channel.

The funds raised will be donated to Fondazione Banco dell’energia, which supports families in difficulty due to energy poverty.

Castello di Brescia

Via del Castello, 9, 25121 Brescia BS


For LABA by:

Claudio Frase, Elisabetta Malchiodi, Susanna Medeghini, Alessandra Merisio e Gloria Trapattoni, Guglielmo Scamozzi.

Claudio Frase

Elisabetta Malchiodi

Susanna Medeghini

Alessandra Merisio e Gloria Trapattoni

Guglielmo Scamozzi

For SantaGiulia by:

Chiara Colossi, Andrea Gimma, Laura Ferri, Jorge Emilio Quispe, Luca Rossignoli

Chiara Colossi

Andrea Gimma

Laura Ferri

Jorge Emilio Quispe

Luca Rossignoli


Allievi Accademie di Belle Arti di Brescia SantaGiulia e LABA