Terzo Paradiso dei giovani


Until 31/08/2023

All days 00:00 – 24:00

From the collaboration between Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Banco dell’energia and A2A, a major project was born to raise awareness of local schools, with a focus on energy poverty, the solidarity network and energy as an inclusive element, on care – also understood as care social and environmental – and on the responsible use of resources, especially energy. This work, “The Third Paradise of the Youth”, was created by the students of the primary and secondary schools of Monte Isola and enriched by the contributions of the children and families passing through the island. A Third Paradise for Youth, therefore, made up of magnetic cards with the drawings of boys and girls expressing their interpretation of the key concepts of the balance between artifice and nature and the importance of sustainable energy accessible to all. Each of us, as a human being, must take upon himself the responsibility of reconnecting every element of the social fabric, bringing the natural world and the artificial elements back into balance.

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